Within your project write-up add the following title: Task Two:Calculating Wages and Salaries followed by the heading: Task 2a Calculating Wages then complete the tasks below.

The following table shows a selection of staff from Tinka Toys. Their wages are calculated using the time rate method. Recreate the information in a speadsheet program and use suitable formula to calculate their weekly wage.

Forename Surname Department Hours Worked Hourly Rate Total
Andrew Callagher Admin 30 £4.20


Admin 14 £4.20
Alison Jones Sales 25 £6.00
Elizabeth Preston Sales 37 £6.00
Susie Adams Finance 37 £5.50
Michelle Pilkington Admin 37 £5.50
Tony Yeo Finance 40 £5.50

Create a graph to show the pay earned by each member of staff.

Save your spreadsheet as a separate file in your Tinka Toys folder ready for submission, in addition print screen and paste a copy of your spreadsheet into your project write-up.

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