Topic outline

  • General


    In this unit you will be working for Smartsound Records a prestigious recording label based in South East London. The company have recently put together a new group and have decided to name it Liberation. The group is made up of a number of artists who are all able to sing and play a wide range of instruments. The company is keen to follow the latest trends in music and have not yet decided whether to market the band as a pop, rock, punk or an R&B group. They see the Internet as the bands main marketing tool and want to establish a website as soon as possible. They given you the responsibility for heading up this project. 


    Learning Objectives

    You will learn:

    • How the Internet and World Wide Web works
    • What the main features of a website are
    • How to analyse existing websites┬á
    • The importance of planning a website
    • How to create a website
    • The benefits and costs of creating a website
    • The problems of online businesses
    • How to explain and analyse the use of email
    • To discuss┬ápotential problems and security issues involved with the Internet and identify possible solutions


    Please ensure you have set up a folder in your home area named Smartsound Records

    Key words

    Data Encryption

    Security software that scrambles data being sent over the internet into an unreadable code to protect it from hackers.


    A device that converts digital data to analog data that can pass through a telephone line.


    Business transactions that take place on the internet.


    A string of characters entered by a user to verify his or her identify on a computer.


    The exchange of text based messages and computer files over a communication network.

    Web Browser

    Software that allows you to view web pages on the World Wide Web.


    Software what makes sure the only data that passes between the internet and the computer is data that the computer has requested and recognised.

    Wide Area Network

    A long range network which can connect together computers in different places.


    The programming language used for documents on the World Wide Web.

    World Wide Web

    The WWW is the part of the internet that contains the web pages.

    These are just a small number of keywords that are covered in this unit. Completing the tasks will introduce you to many others.

  • Topic 1

    Internet and World Wide Web

    This is the first time Smartsound Records have decided to tackle an internet based project by themselves. They normally contract this type of work out to a web design company. As with any project the company understands the importance of background research. In this task you will explore the technologies behind the World Wide Web and the Internet.


    By the end of this task you will be able to:

    • Discuss how the Internet was formed
    • Describe the differences between the World Wide Web┬áand the Internet
    • Explain how the Internet works and what equipment is required to access it
    • Discuss┬áthe┬ádifferent components of the World Wide Web
    • Outline the different types of Internet connections

  • Topic 2


    Smartsound Records would like fans of the band to be able to purchase tickets and merchandise on its website. The company is aware that the Internet has become the way to shop for many people although it is reluctant to add a shopping cart to its website without firstly considering both the advantages and disadvantages both to its customers and the business. They realise that many of its customers will be aged between 14 and 21 so the process of shopping online will have to be simple and user friendly. In this task you will provide a description of what ecommerce is and discuss its benefits and drawbacks. You will also create a flowchart to outline the steps involved with shopping online.


    By the end of this task you will be able to:

    • Explain the term ecommerce
    • Outline the advantages and disadvantages of ecommerce
    • Describe the process of purchasing products online
    • Create a flowchart┬áto illustrate the process of┬áshopping online┬á

  • Topic 3

    Designing Website

    Designing a website is no easy task especially when it has to appeal to a particular target audience. Smartsound records wants a website which is both unique and easy to use. In this task you will analyse the style and contents of competitors websites using your research to design the homepage and any pages required to purchase merchandise online.


    By the end of this task you will be able to:

    • Critically reflect and evaluate websites created by others
    • Identify and describe common features of web pages
    • Consider usability issues when┬ádesigning a web page
    • Consider principles of good website design
    • Design a set of effective website pages

  • Topic 4

    Creating the Website

    In this task you will use a web authoring program to create an actual mock up of the website comprising of the homepage and the pages which will allow customers to order tickets and merchandise online.


    By the end of this task you will be able to:

    • Demonstrate web design skills
    • Create an effective set of web pages
    • Create a set of web pages to simulate the purchase of goods online
    • Add a navigation scheme to a website

  • Topic 5

    Online Security

    Smartsound records have received very positive feedback on the design of the website, however a small number of fans are concerned about the security of the online shop. In this task you are to create an informative booklet to reassure customers that the purchasing of merchandise from the website is secure.


    By the end of this task you will be able to:

    • Define and explain the terms firewall, encryption, password, virus,┬áhacking┬áand https
    • Understand the steps and technologies required to overcome online security issues┬á
    • Demonstrate advanced DTP skills

  • Topic 6


    The band has requested for a biography page to be added to the website. They would like the page to feature a profile of each member together with an email address so fans can contact them. The members of the band would like to be able to reply to any emails they receive although their ICT knowledge is limited. In this task you will create a diagram to help explain the process of sending and receiving email. You will also create a set of user friendly notes to explain to the band the possible problems and drawbacks of email. .


    By the end of this task you will be able to:

    • Explain the process of sending and receiving emails
    • Outline the advantages and disadvantages of electronic mail
    • Explain the possible problems with attachments

  • Topic 7

    Creating a Podcast

    In this task you will produce a podcast which you will be able to use for revision purposes. You will create a podcast on one of the following topics:

    • The Internet and WWW
    • Ecommerce
    • Online Security
    • Email

    This task will allow you to revisit a particular topic and clarify your understanding, but also present the content in a different format which you may find helpful for revision.


    By the end of this task you will be able to:

    • Consolidate knowledge on a particular topic
    • Identify key points from the chosen topic to write a script
    • Create a podcast using sound recording software
    • Convert your recording into an mp3 file
    • Reflect on your own learning methods and styles

  • Topic 8

    End of Unit Assessment

    This assessment has been designed to test what you have learnt throughout the unit and comprises of practical and theory based questions. The assessment is 50 minutes in length and must be completed under controlled conditions. All evidence must be submitted electronically for marking.


    By the end of this task you will be able to:

    • Assess your learning throughout this unit
    • Critically reflect on the unit

  • Topic 9

    Submission of Work

    In this task you will submit all the work you have completed during this unit for marking. You need to take this opportunity to ensure all your work is complete, and presented in a business format. You will also complete an end of unit evaluation, reflecting on the tasks you have completed and suggesting any areas for future improvement.


    By the end of this task you will be able to:

    • Cross┬áreference┬áyour project work with the checklist
    • Finalise the presentation of your project work
    • Critically reflect on the unit